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Our essential oils specially selected from growers and farmers throughout the world. Each oil is purchased with a certificate of authenticity and a guarantee of quality. Wherever possible we obtain our oils from organic sources free of chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

In 1990’s the art of healing through essence was born in Mumbai. This science was known as Aromatherapy, a word known all over the world but yet to make its mark in India….!!!!

Mr. Prakash Shivdasani a distinct individual, possessing the qualities of innovation and invention, his ideas have always been different from the common mind.

His uniqueness from the common man helped him achieve the stature he owns today!

After graduating in Economics, Mr. Prakash Shivdasani initially began to work in a perfumery company and this is from where his prospects & ideas broadened. Along with work he started studying perfumery and its various effects and benefits.

After years of hard work, study and perfumery experience Mr. Prakash Shivdasani started his own perfumery company on the name of R.K’s Aromatics.

However even after forming a company, his hunger for innovation and invention did not end. This persuaded him to invent further and hence he expanded his perfumery business into a broader scope of healing. During these many years of study he learnt how perfumery could help in healing of various physical ailments developed in the human body. This form of treating physical ailments in individuals was practiced during the Vedic period and in today’s world is termed as Aromatherapy.

Thus, if you have any skin or beauty related problems and are stressed out in life, then for free consultancy and advice please feel free to contact Mr. Prakash Shivdasani.

His hunger for invention helped him start the manufacturing of Aroma cosmetics which are a huge success in the global as well as the local market! Due to his innovative ideas the company has a strong back-up of 3000 successful products. A range which people only dream to develop. All these cosmetics are FDA approved and 100 % natural, as the company functions on strict Morales, ethics & principals which have never been negotiated or compromised on.

Due to enormous hard work and dedication of Mr. Prakash Shivdasani, R.K’s Aroma Shop today has established itself as a brand in the global market by training a large number of individuals and transforming them into professional beauticians also the company exports products worldwide and is one of the largest variety essential oil suppliers in the whole of Asia.