Angelica Essential Oil (Archangelica)



  • Botanical Name– Angelica Archangelica
  • Origin– Native To Europe And Siberia, Cultivated Mainly In Belgium, Hungary, And Germany.
  • Part Of Plant Used– Roots And Rhizomes
  • Method Of Extraction– Steam Distillation
  • Aroma And Colour– Angelica Oil Is A Colorless To Yellow-Brown Oil With A Rich, Herbaceous Earthy Odor.
  • Therapeutic Indication– Anti-Spasmodic, Carminative, Anti-Infectious, Immuno-Stimulant, Anti-Septic, Anti-Anxiety, CNS Tonic, Diuretic, Emmenagogic, Decongestant, Expectorant And Stomachic Properties.
  • Principal Constituents– Phellandrene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, And Borneol; Also Rich In Coumarins, Osthol, Angelicin, Bergapten, And Imperatorin.
  • How To Use– Diffuse, Bath And Massage
  • Caution– Angelica Is An Essential Oil And As Such Should Not Be Applied Directly, Undiluted On The Skin Or Ingested. It Should Not Be Taken By Pregnant Women.


Therapeutic Properties– Angelica essential oil has anti-spasmodic and carminative properties. It helps in detoxification of the body by inducing sweating. Angelica oil is considered good to have expectorant properties. The essential oil of Angelica can help fight fevers because of its ability to promote sweating and urination. It has emmenagogue properties making it an excellent remedy for women suffering from the symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

  • Skincare– It helps to rejuvenate the appearance skin and give it a healthier glow. It is phototoxic in nature and hence it is best to avoid the sun for 12hrs after applying it.
  • Haircare– Angelica root oil has been used for hair loss treatment since ages. It also promotes the regeneration of damaged hair cells.
  • Emotional– Angelica oil is widely used in aromatherapy to treat emotional problems as well as nervous conditions like stress or anxiety. When diffused or inhaled, it can promote feelings of calm and peace as well as helping to eradicate feelings of negativity. It has a warm, musky and earthy aroma that many people respond well to and when diffused around the home can bring positivity, calm and joy.

How to use

Add – 20/25 drops in a 50ml carrier oil.
Add – 8/10 drops in a bath.
Add – 8/10 drops on tissue or in a vaporizer


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